This is what came from that sketch of Nathan Byrn. 
Dunno what I changed my mind :S 
I had a look at my old paintings of Nico and…. hahaha….. ha… NO!!

And pleeease don’t comment on the skin… I know that many are like “He’s not pale enough.” Or whatevs.. just don’t.. 

And please keep an eye out for the commission pricelist, coming soon~Thanks <3 

Background inspired by one of Viria ‘s :)


Putting the new PJO covers together in one massive mural of epicness. And yes, even the spines go together!


Just a normal, peaceful summer.

The Lightning Thief

Chapter 8: We Capture a Flag

“I will deny I ever said this, of course, but the gods need heroes. They always have. Otherwise we would not keep you annoying little brats around.” dionysus;

Inspired by Mandy’s demigod minimalistic posters.


Nico and Frank aren’t the only ones who know how to play Mythomagic. 

I think I am getting better at this whole painting thing!


Piper and Jason 

a self indulgent sketch to take me somewhere other than history revision